Paul Cut

In love with Jazz and everything it gave birth to, Paul Cut seeks to maintain a long-standing tradition by merging it with House music. Whether by sampling tracks in the studio or playing keyboards on stage, his sole purpose is the Groove. He grew up in Versailles, a notorious city being one of the birthplaces of the French touch house. The piano jazz studies have always been his main objective, in music schools but also at university where he got a musicology licence. After going through Jazz, Funk and Hip-hop, it is with no surprise that house music is what he chose to work on. Paul Cut had his three first releases on parisian labels : “The Joy EP” with OndulĂ© Recordings, held by Joss Moog and Around7, “Serious Intentions EP” as keyboardist for the D.ko Records’ live band, Secret Value Orchestra, and “Basement Jam EP” with Popcorn Records.