TR053 Kid Mark – The NY Feeling E.P

We’re excited to welcome in the Trend’s family the talented Kid Mark from Verona.
His taste for the warm, deep and raw House music is huge and you can definitely check it in this amazing E.P he delivered for us.
‘The NY Feeling’ is an homage to New York House sound which has characterized the big apple since the first 90s.
NY NY and Feeling have both lovely stabs, wicked grooves and the classic sax riff.
Street Dance has a killer bassline matched with Soul vocals and Disco samples cutted perfectly.
From the darkest club to the shiny beach this is what you need to make the people move.


Laurent Garnier: “Funkyyyyyyyyy”

Kai Alce: “Kid hit the NY Feeling Mark!”

Severino: “booooom”

Ivan Iacobucci: “class”

Justin Schumacher: “vibey jams, def diggin!!!”

Hector Moralez: “Nice grooves :)”

Ruff Stuff: “Great EP! Love it!”

Tee Smith: “Love all 3 of these. Great promo… keep them coming. All will feature on Tee’s House on Streetsounds Radio UK”

System of Survival: “Cool sound! Always good Music from Trend Rec. Thanks”

Maurizio Clemente: “Excellent EP all tracks are cool”

Samuele Pagliai: “Real House Feelings! I’ll play the first two tracks for sure. Thanks for sending <3”

Michel De Hey: “Feeling for me,thank you!”

Mihai Popoviciu: “feeling is great!”

Energun: “NY NY  for us, thanks”

Ricky Montanari: “good thanks”

Italo Job: “Great house music vibes!!”