Kid Mark

Kid Mark was born in Verona in January 1992.
He approached music in 2008, starting to play as a house and techno DJ in the best clubs in Verona.
At the same time, he began the way of music production, which in 2011 led him to publish his first house EP, in digital format.
In 2012, he published his first release in 12″ vinyl format, following closely over the years with a total of 10 records, pressed on the labels: Skylax, Ax On Wax, Swink Music, Instikt, Sauve Le Monde, Killax Recordings, Codega Traxx.
In the same year, following the need to create a 100% his own project and to surround himself with friends and esteemed artists, he founded the label Killax Recordings; which published 9 releases in digital format and 2 in vinyl format over the years.
The parenthesis of its sub-label Codega Traxx was also small, which, offering a much more techno and acid sound, gave life to a single vinyl release only, with a remix by the dutch producer Ekman.
Then he continued his career as a DJ/producer having good results in the European house/techno scene, entering the genre’s charts several times and playing in various international clubs (France, Spain, England and Russia).
A lover of hip-hop music too, he has always dedicated himself to beatmaking out of passion, without releasing any material until 2016.
After several collaborations with emerging and non-emerging local artists, in 2019 he released his first independent record “New Shit” as a beat-maker, which includes 8 collaborations with the most promising emerging artists from Verona.
2022 is the year of his full return to the House Music world, performing on various stages in Northern Italy and releasing new material; like the track “Questions (The Sense)”, on the mighty Irma Records label of Bologna.