Curl  is, without any doubts, one of the most respectables deejays in his region.

Aware about his talent and about his own experiences, nowadays he’s able to express his music to other people like a natural way.

His accurate and meticulous character contrasts with an anti conformist music style: the careful and quiet scientific sound research brought himself to propose to the people, something original and very innovative.

His way of playing can be described as a soft sinuous trip where deep atmospheres and nostalgic textures hailed from the early ’90 meets together: house, techno, funk, disco and every sound is mixed and intended one by one as a magic chemistry.

His carrier begins in the 1992, when his grandfather gave him his first record: Cajmere feat. Dajae – Brighter Days (rmxs)

From that moment, his didn’t stop to listen and buy records: every record has a different story to be remembered and narrated.

After many years spent as a freelancer and others with the HARMONIZED and FATFATFAT festival projects,now his is an important figure of the ORGANIC MUSIC SOCIETY.

During the covid period he finds the time to start producing his music.

The main goal of his music is to spread his never ending love for old school philosophy as much as possible.

Indeed his productions are characterized by the classic sound of his beloved MPC2000xl,sample by sample….