TR011 V.A. 001

Alessio Collina, Dark Beat & Millok, Andrea Introvigne, Antonio Del Prete & Hobert, Luca Albano, Doslive & Athletic Duo, Federico Luchetti, Dave Gotelli, Fulvio Facciolo, Marco Sciacca, MS & MC, Mood_out

We are entering the summer and wants to bring the first Trend Various artists, celebrating the first year just ended. This collection contains 11 tracks of artists already seen before as Dark Beat, Luca Albano, Alessio Collina, Athletic Duo and promising new artists such as Antonio del Prete & Hobert, Marco Sciacca, Mood_Out and others. It ranges from electronic to sound more house / old school, for all types of situation where you can find.


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