TR048 Angelo Bass – Acido E.P 

We’re very happy to give a warm welcome to Angelo Bass in our family with his “Acido EP”.

With a catalogue of interesting music, he delivered us three Acid House joints strictly recommended for a peak time situation.

“Acido” is an hypnotic trip, with a great 303 bassline that is evolving from the start till the end.

“Jungle” combines different elements like the hip-house vocal, the dub bassline and some trance synths for a unique style, hard to explain in words.

The last, but not least, “Still Acido” has a percussive groove, with a great Disco time in the break.

Surely this is Acid House with a touch of class.


Dj Jus Ed: “Finally some proper Acid!”

Severino (Horse Meat Disco): “bangers”

Bart Ricardo: “great!”

Joachim Garraud: “THX!! Jungle for me”

Maetrik: “Acido for me”

Gino Grasso: “hotttt”