TR023 V.A 004 – What’s in the box?

Alessio Collina, Stefano Savoretti & Paolo Nicoli, Ivan Fernandez, Glasidum

This 2015 starts with a new V.A that includes some young and talented artists, with a track from the owner Alessio Collina as well.After his success with his last EP on ViVa Music LTD, his new track “Cappelletti” has a fat acid bassline and some old school influences, fits for the dancefloor as usual.Instead, the argentinian producer Glasidum delivers a deep cut with some 80’s synths, that gave at the track a class touch, highly recommended to warm up the crowd.The third track is from Ivan Fernandez, very cool house music with some combined chords and synths that give to the track an amazing soul.As last track of this V.A we have two talented producers based on Rimini and Lecce: we’re speaking about Stefano Savoretti & Paolo Nicoli.Their track “Rose” is a mental story full of percussion, with a wonderful harmony between chords and synths that give a deep touch to the track.

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